Another sudden goodbye - losing a loved one... #Quadrille

Intensified ticking
Night enhances every emotion
Trying to hold on
my sad smile withers
-a lingering vision

A few more minutes
I plead to my sleep
-ghost of a dream

It vanishes, as you had
No warning, no goodbye

Did either have a choice?

©Nimi Arora

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  1. Sometimes the dreams seems to much better than reality... at others the dreams will haunt us

  2. Hi Nimi! I finally got around to reading your poem. I love the alliteration in the first line - echoes of a clock - very emotive - and then the 'ghost of a dream' in the second stanza makes me question whether the 'I' person is awake, asleep or somewhere in-between.

  3. Just so sad. That second line is just so true. Night DOES enhance every emotion.

  4. Dreams do seem like ghosts appearing and vanishing without warning.

  5. I like the way you link the ephemeral nature of dreams and life. A sudden loss is very unsettling and reality shifting.


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