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No pain in painting - Berger Express Painting

I had a dream. I wanted to get my house painted and I was happy about it. There was no tension, no way was I trying to delay it. I was actually looking forward to it. In my dream, I made a phone call expressing my wish to pep up the walls of my house. A professional, polite person came, asked me what I wanted to get done. He had things like a laser tool to measure the area... is my dream going the science fiction way, I wonder. I know laser tool is very much a reality, but imagine it being used in to facilitate the painting of my walls. Have I walked into a very distant future? I get an estimate. I am still having visions, I guess, because I am assured that the work will be done in the time and budget that I will be told beforehand. This person returns with a painter. The D-Day is finalised. The day arrives and my family now firmly believes that I have gone crazy. I have told them that they don't need to move the furniture. They don't have to get old bed sheets (and