No pain in painting - Berger Express Painting

I had a dream. I wanted to get my house painted and I was happy about it.
There was no tension, no way was I trying to delay it. I was actually looking forward to it.

In my dream, I made a phone call expressing my wish to pep up the walls of my house.
A professional, polite person came, asked me what I wanted to get done. He had things like a laser tool to measure the area... is my dream going the science fiction way, I wonder.
I know laser tool is very much a reality, but imagine it being used in to facilitate the painting of my walls. Have I walked into a very distant future?

I get an estimate. I am still having visions, I guess, because I am assured that the work will be done in the time and budget that I will be told beforehand.

This person returns with a painter. The D-Day is finalised.
The day arrives and my family now firmly believes that I have gone crazy. I have told them that they don't need to move the furniture. They don't have to get old bed sheets (and if there are no old ones, be prepared to make the news ones turn into old) ready to cover what we can.
We have not bought masks to help us breathe.
The kitchen (which is to be painted last) can continue to function normally.
Well, it is my dream, I say defensively. I will choose to imagine the best, even if it is impossible.

When the very informative (and unbelievably true) session of Berger Express started, that is what my first instinct was. Just a dream.
Dreams do come true.

"It is easier to get your tooth pulled than to get your house painted"... quite a gem to introduce the miracle of Berger Express Painting.
There was laughter all around. But the laughter had a masked undertone of 'oh we know, we have been there'.

For whoever has had the experience of getting the house painted the 'traditional' way, know that it is usually an extremely painful experience.

The pain is multifold - emotional, financial, and on health. The stressful environment that takes over the family is something that one can understand only when one has been through it.

The pain can be taken out of painting by Berger Express Painting. Using smart and practical tools, trained painters, and professional planning, painting by Berger Express seems to good to be true, but is not. It is too good, but it true too.

  • Berger Express Painting is 40 percent faster than traditional painting.
  • They use trained painters for efficient and better painting (they have their own training academy for painters).
  • The results are sparkling thanks to no-mess tools.
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines are used to keep the house dust-free.
  • The tools are certified and ensure a better finish with high efficiency.
  • There is no additional cost compared to traditional painting, though many benefits are offered.
At the end of a very fun meet, the activities of which deserve a blog post of its own, I came back trying to figure out how I can get my house, or maybe just a room, painted.

A glimpse at the fun activities at #BergerXP Indiblogger meet...


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