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Count Your Blessings #1 - The luxury to mourn

"Count your blessings" I have been told this by others often in the last few months.  I tell myself this a lot more often. I recently wrote a poem on fear ( Fear - Quadrille ). It was in response to a prompt by dVerse .  When I thought about writing on this subject, many things crossed my mind - from cockroaches and rats, to health issues of my family, to the plans of future, and more. What I zeroed in upon and wrote is that my biggest fear is the words "What worse is possible?".  A lot worse. I think the answer is a lot worse.  Since there is so much we can't control... Is there anything that we control? Is control just an illusion?... Anyway since there is so much that we can't control, the possibilities of what can happen are unimaginable. When something happens that one needs to mourn, being able to take time to do so is not always possible. Life takes over - when does it not? Problems take over and one has to sort out

Little Things, Big Differences

In an ideal world, Laxmi would not be sweeping the floors. She is a smart girl about to cross the 16 year landmark in a couple of months. The sporadic usage of English in her speech is impressive. It impresses almost everyone, because no one expects anything better from her. A maid knowing a few words of English is wonderful. No one thinks it is in any way needed to help her to, or even expect her to improve. ‘When elders get cozy, youngers don’t put nosy’ – a crazy phrase spoken by Ajay Devgan’s character in the movie Bol Bachchan . What he was trying to convey was that youngsters should not interrupt or interfere when grown-ups are talking. Anyway, the point is we were watching this movie where the ridiculous usage of English was part of the comedy. Laxmi was watching also watching it with us. “Is that what I sound like?”, she whispered to me (in Hindi). “Does everyone laugh at me behind my back? Should I stop trying to speak English?” Laxmi used to go to s

Underage Driving in Delhi... and my problem with it

My son is 16 years old. When going to his tuition in the evening, you would see him either on a rickshaw or walking. Once in a while, I would drive in my car and drop him there. It is unusual because almost every boy his age has a Scooty. I don’t understand my own problems with underage driving. I know that if a cop stops an underage driver, there could be trouble. I assume money is exchanged to solve this. I know that God forbid, if another person is hurt by an underage driver’s vehicle, the driver (and the owner of the vehicle) would be behind bars. That’s what the law says at least. I say that I don’t understand why I have such issues with underage driving is because these facts are known to everyone. Certainly, all the parents in my neighbourhood would know of these. It doesn’t stop them from letting their kids drive. (Image Source) My brother is younger to me. He self-learnt driving pretty early. There are stories that are exchanged over family dinners a