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To my grandparents...

I have been blessed to have known you. I wish I had said these words to you. I would like to believe that when we, as kids, surrounded you while you told us stories of Guru Nanak Dev ji, you knew we loved you. When you recited poetry of Shauq, and I was riveted and asked you to go slow so I could write it, you must have realized how much you meant to me. When you shared your experience of getting married at the age of sixteen, and we wanted to understand what you had gone through, I wish I had asked more questions and have gotten to know more about you. When you were ranting about what a foolish decision Partition had been, why didn’t we realize that your experiences will become ash with you, if we didn’t listen to them more carefully? There are regrets, yes. But more than that there is the gratitude that I knew you. It’s Grandparents’ Day. Over the last ten years or so, all four of you left this world. Is there any way to make the