A place to call home - Count Your Blessings #4

The word 'Terminal' reminds me of Tom Hanks and his long, unplanned stay at the airport... Yes, the movie, The Terminal.
The prompt, Terminal of Write Tribe Problogger challenge had me instantly thinking of the movie.

Because the movie ends on a positive note, much of the anxiety that I had felt during the movie drained off. 
That is why I love my movies (and books) to have happy endings. Tragic stories, and even more so, the ones with cliffhanger endings have me restless. The duration of the restlessness depends on how much I loved the story in question.

Back to The Terminal...
The man is without country. When I watched the movie for the first time, I thought of my grandfather telling about his experience as a refugee after the partition.
The anger was obvious in his words, even decades after the experience - "We were refugees in our own country".

What is it like to be without country, without home, without a place to go back to at night...

Another instance when I close my eyes and say a quick thanks to God, to universe.

When I wrote the first 'Count Your Blessings' post on my blog, it was because I was feeling grateful. And feeling a little guilty about feeling so.
It was about consciously putting into words the many blessings of life.

The problem I am facing now is that almost anything I start writing about ends up being a 'Count Your Blessings' post. Not how I planned it, but I am not complaining.

©Nimi Arora

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  1. I have watched that movie some time ago. Becoming a refugee in one’s own country is terrible. I can’t even begin to imagine how your grandfather must have felt during those times. We should always count our blessings.

  2. It seems scary not having a country or city to live in. We must show gratitude to all those things what we enjoy today.

  3. I have never seen that movie. Count your blessings posts are always heart warming.

  4. I loved this post, Nimi. I also liked the (I presume, deliberate) pun at the end. " almost anything I start writing about ends up being a 'Count Your Blessings' post. Not how I planned it, but I am not complaining." Loved it.

  5. It's always good to count our blessings. That's the way to stay positive even in tough situations.

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  7. I love counting blessings and writing thankuflness post.I actually have a section and blog hop called #ThankfulThursdays (sorry for promo) because I too found counting blessings not only made me happier but also more at peace. #writebravely

  8. i had similar thought when i read the prompt - terminal.. you have done complete justice by explaining the movie.

  9. I recently started 'counting your blessings' with an alarm on my phone for the day...these few minutes when I remember the happy moments of the day to be thankful for, gives me a lot of positive energy :)


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