Bated Breath - Flash Fiction

I don’t think I really understood the meaning of ‘Bated Breath’ before. Just as I had whispered into her ear ‘I love you’, her brother had cut into the dance. The look in his eye told me that he could sense the life-changing tension between his sister and me. I moved to the back of the room.
Our eyes met across the room. She smiled.
The brother looked around to see who she was smiling at, saw me, and scowled.
I grinned.

©Nimi Arora


  1. Fun post, Nimi. A wealth of emotions in just a few words. Clever! Facts or Fiction? #4 in ProBlogger Challenge

  2. Sometimes few words are Eno gh to sense the situation.

  3. WOW! love how you have simplified the meaning pf bated breath in your love story..


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