Pattern of our choosing - Count Your Blessings #2

There was once a man who would design new patterns of embroidery every day. He loved his job. 
A colleague of his would embroider the same designs over and over again day after day.
The man pitied his colleague's monotonous job.

Before leaving for a week-long vacation, he convinced the boss to let the colleague take over his work for the week. The man thought he was doing his colleague a favour.
He returned from the vacation to some beautiful designs by a close-to-breakdown colleague.

Just as designing something new worked for the man, it was the repetitive task that his colleague was comfortable doing.

"Monotony is Good"

"Monotony is good"
I have repeated these words often over the last few years.

A couple of years of frequent traveling, followed by shifting house too often, and finally, a major problem in the family. For a while, it seemed that everything 'normal' I loved would be disturbed.

The unadventurous lull after all of this, and I felt thankful, which is where 'monotony is good' came in.
Every time I would feel bored, I would recite them.

This became my version of 'No news is good news'. Status quo means nothing has gone wrong.

Some of us relish adventure, others want the comfort of routines. And most of like a mixture of the two, in varying proportions.

I know people who can't stay at home through a single day. And many others who need time-off at home to get over the stress of a vacation.

The blessing is to have the life that suits your temperament.

Count Your Blessings #1 - Luxury to mourn


  1. Interesting point, "The blessing is to have the life that suits our temperament." And you're so right. Too much of anything can be counter-productive. The active person needs rest. The laid-back person needs some action.

  2. Loved it loved it. You presented it in a natural flow. And the last paragraph is just perfect. We should not try to live life of someone else because when we do it's cheating with ourselves.

  3. True.
    One man's meat is another man's poison!

  4. i can so relate to this but having a stable life than having a monotony is different. i have changed 5 house in 5 year , moved three countries and i have had a unplanned baby. yes rollercoaster life is tiring and disturbing but after a long silence you need a voice.

  5. I completely agree with you and relate to your point. Normal is good .. Monotony is good. We realise the importance of normal only after we have experienced something other than normal .. Loved your blog ..

  6. I totally agree. I am someone who would need to relax at home after a vacation. I find comfort in routine. I know it sounds stupid but I am flexible only when I'm making the changes :P But I totally get what you're trying to say. A happy life is about striking the right balance between monotony and adventure. :)


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