Saturday, 7 October 2017

The simple times - Count Your Blessings #3

"Dil Dhoondta hai, phir wahi, fursat ke raat din"
(My heart yearns, once again, the leisurely nights and days)

I have always loved this song.

At one time it just meant free time - the literal meaning.

With time the meaning changed to 'me-time' - time to relax, to read, to meet friends.
Now it means a combination of these two and more.
It means the contentment of being alone... Not feeling lonely.
It means time away from negativity.
It means choosing to put myself first, sometimes.
And the possibility of wishing all of this without feeling guilty.

In that one word, 'fursat' (leisure), there are so many layers.

Things become complicated.

The good, old days of simplicity of thoughts, and the lack of worldly experience. A time when leisure could be just that - leisure.
When the possibility of there being anything more to it never crossed my mind.


  1. You have presented that one word 'Fursat' beautifully. I guess it's all about one's perspective.

  2. Yes, I guess leisure means different things to different people. The important thing is the need we all share to take a break in between the busyness of life's routine! E in Build a Better Blog- #2 in ProBlogger Challenge

  3. you have penned your thoughts so beautifully. The word 'fursat' would define many things to most people. The song is also one of the favourites that I like to listen.

  4. great blog.. how meaning of certain things changes with time.

  5. Loved reading your blog and your thoughts on 'fursat' and how our meanings of same things change with time. Completely agree that with time we all are looking for some kind of me time where we can just relax and think about things

  6. Beautiful description of how our perspectives change over time.
    For me fursat means me time-a time to relax and do what gives me pleasure.