Who watches Bigg Boss?

Who watches Big Boss?

I ask this question because it seems like hardly anyone I know says that they watch this show that made it to the Top 10 list of the most-watched Hindi Entertainment shows. So, no one I know, besides a couple of close relatives, who don't hide this fact (and me), watched Bigg Boss 11.

An acquaintance of mine recently told me about a male friend of hers who is on a quest to find a girl to tie the matrimonial knot with. She went on to passionately rant about how exasperated he is. One of the reasons for his not liking a female is if she watches Bigg Boss.
Now that this season is over, I was imagining this guy getting married in the next couple of months, and getting the shock of his life when, a few months later, his wife would be watching Bigg Boss every single night.

This rant continued to haunt me. The looking down on anyone who watches a Hindi TV serial, or God forbid, Bigg Boss seems extremely snobbish.
The English TV shows are great, I agree (at least, the few that I have watched). But does your choice of entertainment make you superior?

And who is watching it anyway, as I first asked? How many closet 'Bigg Boss watchers' am I surrounded by?

By the way, kids don't seem to have any issues in admitting that they watch it. My son (17) and daughter (12) tell me that it is one of the hot topics of discussion in the School Bus. They feel the need to be at least familiar with the contestants and the going-ons in the notorious house, so as not to feel left out.
Wrong, I know. The show is not for kids. But this is the reality that I face about this reality show.

Can we paint every single person who watches a particular TV show with the same brush, is really the question I am asking.


  1. I dont watch Bigg Boss, to be more precise i dont watch TV.
    Though its said that its a "Reality" show but i guess there must be some scripts behind every episode...above all its for the entertainment purpose, though i should not make any such comment coz i dont watch it.

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  3. Superb series ever seen ! people love it all the time . Last week i was getting bored at home then i thought let's watch a movie online and suddenly this show came in my sight. You won't believe that day i forgot to have my lunch and dinner.


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