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Titanic & Me - a lasting love

While reading my old diaries, I came across the thoughts I had penned after watching Titanic for the second time on April 5, 1998. It sounds pretentious, but the thoughts of my younger self do manage to surprise me pretty often. So, here's what I found written on the now-yellowed pages of a thin, old journal: Titanic (Image taken from here ) Saw 'Titanic' for the second time today. And maybe because it was the second time I could look beyond the indescribably good looks of Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack), the flawless beauty of Kate Winslet (Rose), the elegance of the first-class passengers, the comparison between the 1st class and 3rd class passengers, the beautiful sets and costumes, the reality check of seeing the engines and the workers operating them - all in all, the whole grandeur along with a certain shallow realisation of 'there's more than meets the eye'. Now, I was not preoccupied with the story of Jack and Rose... I knew that already. T he fact r

Soan Papri's difficult journey

Once upon a time, when I used to eat sweets without counting calories, I remember eating  Soan Papri  (also spelled as 'Soan Papdi) with relish. It was nowhere near the top of my preferred sugar-laden snacks, but then I have never been one to have favourites. I do remember preferring the fresher, more structured, less thready, big brother of its, Pateesa. Especially one brought from Saharanpur. Pateesa didn't demand to be put in a bowl before being eaten. No spoon was needed. Soan Papri, on the other hand, would disintegrate on the first bite. Some in hand, some on shirt front, a little on the lap, but most on the floor. Mom's lecture would follow. She would conjure a  katori  and  chamach  (bowl and spoon) for me and another spoon for scooping out the Soan Papri. You see, much as you can identify the clear cut cuboids while the now-notorious sweet would lie packed in the box, the moment you try to pick one piece, all the pieces seem to merge ...(?) into the other.

Introvert or Ambivert?

I remember teaching the words 'introvert' and 'extrovert' in a class, discussing these two, and before asking everyone to label themselves, teaching another word - 'ambivert'. I told the class that I had felt relieved when I first learnt this third word. Thanks to it, I didn't have to label myself an introvert. After all, I had my 'not introvert' moments. They are becoming far and few between though. I think time makes you realise that certain things are just too much work and not worth the effort. Teaching that class made me express my thoughts on these words. Thoughts I had hardly every consciously thought, let alone shared aloud with anyone. Then I read about World Introvert Day on Write Tribe. Read about the 21 signs of being an introvert . And started questioning my ambivert theory. So, I obviously asked google how I should label myself. Took a quiz . And the result says... Now, I am confused. Am I the I-word or the A-word? Intr