Love? - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

'L' had to be about 'love', right? That's why each one of us were there - because someone we love was in the ICU. 
Why the question mark after it then?
Well, had it been about love, it would have the story of almost everyone there. Or so I would have believed if I hadn't spent as much time there as I did.
Just as there are a lot of stories of the ones who were there for love, whatever the relationship may be, there were almost as many who were there for other reasons, duty being the primary one.

One such person was he, who came across the all-loving husband initially. Till one afternoon we really got talking. She met with an accident the day he had planned to ask for a divorce.
A very filmy story. Unbelievably so.
She did recover. They did go home. What happened next? Your guess is as good as mine.

But it is sadder still when the person there is not for love.


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