Nights - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

The nights I have written about before. The makeshift beds that one made do with for days, weeks, and in some cases, months on end. The late-night new admittances to the ICU. 
There was a ritual before finally sleeping. That was to inform the reception where you were sleeping. As I have written before, hardly anyone slept in the one recliner chair allotted to them. And it was important for the hospital staff to know where you were sleeping in case you were needed at night.

It was her third day there. The evening visit to meet her husband in the ICU had her feeling restless because he had been talking about things that had made her wonder if he was all there. The doctor had mentioned that there may be a need for a ventilator because the husband had been having difficulty breathing. It was another one of those worst possibilities that are always being mentioned by the doctors, she thought.

There was an announcement with the bed number mentioned. She was sound asleep. The nurse came and gently shook her shoulder. She left with the nurse. 
Ventilator was a reality now.

Nights were scary because an announcement at night was always something bad. Once in a while, it was about an MRI slot being available, etc. but the possibility of these ones usually knew about before.
However, when informing about where one would be sleeping, you knew you were telling them where to find you in the worst-case scenario.


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