One - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

Is disease a great leveller? This question has now gotten a drastically different depth and implication compared to when I had originally planned writing this post back at the beginning of March.

I had planned to write that all become one when sitting there, a few floors down from the ICU, in the waiting area, restless about even leaving the building, as if just by being there you were closer to the person in the ICU.

Even when I was there, I knew that it is an entitlement just to get the right medical care, to have a good place to be waiting, etc. But the fact is that when it really came down to it, while I was there, the feeling was that everyone is just a loved one of someone who is fighting for their life.

The disease is a great leveller, but still it is not. It may be able to affect anyone, but some are more susceptible than others. It can make (almost) everyone stay at home, but not everyone has a home.

Well, back then we were in one boat. Now, it feels that everyone is in the same boat of uncertainty and more.


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