Picnic - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

This memory is different from most others that I have written in this series. It is not strictly from the ICU waiting area. Usually, some relative would get packed lunch for me. Having food in the waiting area was not allowed, although that doesn't mean that everyone followed this rule. Anyway, there were a couple of small parks in the hospital premises outside the ICU building with benches. I'd usually have my food there.

This memory is from one of those.
A family of six - three females and three males, each about 35-40 years of age. I was standing leaning against a fence behind one of the benches. They sat on two benches facing each other and put three covered, plastic picnic baskets in front of them. Out came crockery and cutlery and tissue papers and bottles of water. 
There was Rajma Chawal, Paneer, Chapatis, and Salad. They ate and conversed as if they didn't have a care in the world.
I have seen and written about those who were clearly not there for love. But not one person have I known who is that unaffected by the environment there.

They were having dessert when a guy (I think their driver) came by to take the baskets. They asked him to wait so he retreated a few steps and stood gazing in another direction.

I left before their meal was done but it was a one of a kind experience. And as usual, I keep wondering what the story of them being there is.


  1. Interesting theme and unique stories. Good luck on the Challenge!
    Operation Awesome


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