Quintessence - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

A lot happens in those waiting rooms, but the quintessence of the existence of each one there is the person in the ICU and the quintessence of the mood of each is the visiting time.

And when there is an announcement besides these times. The palpitations. The nervousness. It could be the doctor visiting and that is why you are called. If so, it could be the doctor taking routine rounds or it could something important... good or bad?

Except for the doctor's visit, it was almost always bad news.

Anyway, the visit.
The first glance sets the tone for the whole visit and for your emotions till the next visiting time.
Happy, hopeful? Exhausted, given up? Angry?

Trying to squeeze in the whole time spent lounging in those waiting room chairs in the few minutes allowed. Finding a place to touch among all the tubes and needle. Trying to convey that you are there always. 

How you wish you could be there always? How you try to convince yourself that the isolation in ICU is needed?


  1. I'm assuming you work in ICU. Never worked there never wanted to. My daughter just got discharged from ICU where she was sent to try to protect her from CoVid. Needless to say ICU is scary on any given day let alone when everyone is keeping distance and there are no visitors. She was scared that was only making a heart problem worse. Thanks for what you do - hope writing helps..


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