Relationship - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

It is surprising how much we care about what others think. Even those we hardly know. Virtual strangers. Ships passing one another at night. The ones in the waiting area of an ICU.

His father was in the hospital. He lived in Delhi, a medical student. The father was from Panipat, a few hours' drive from the capital city. 
She was there with him, day in and day out. They were both in their early twenties. She was a medical student too.
Even though they were very frank about their lack of knowledge about the actual practice of medicine, they always patiently answered any questions asked from them about various ailments, the cure, etc.
They were married. Or so we were told.
Oh, she's my fiance, he said a few days later.
We are in a live-in relationship, she told me, during a late-night chat, when he was sleeping and we were strolling outside.

Despite the 'official' version being that they were married, there was gossip. Gossip in an ICU waiting area - can you believe? 
Why the gossip? And why the need to answer questions about your relationship in a place like that? 


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