Sanctum - Stories from an ICU waiting room #AtoZChallenge

Faith is discussed often. Or at times, the lack of it. Or the decision to give up faith.
As one enters the first waiting hall, on the left, in the corner is an area of 6 ft., separated from the rest of the area with partitions about the same height as the other dimensions. The lower half of the partitions is wooden and the upper see-through glass.
You would find photos and smalls idols of almost every 'god' there. There are folded papers that have been put under some of these. I thought often of pulling them out and seeing what was written in those, but it seemed too much like inviting bad luck. Superstition? Maybe. I just couldn't.

People would go in, pray, and come out, especially just before the visiting hours. Surprisingly, I never saw anyone ever just sitting there.
I used to sit there a lot.


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