Unequal equality #ThinkingAloud

I am a slow learner. Or maybe I should say 'I am a slow analyser', that is to say, that I have all the information needed to be able to analyse and therefore, understand and learn. But it doesn't happen.

I have too many epiphanies - stuff which when I realise it, my first thought is, why didn't I realise this before.
Part of the reason is the fact there are a lot of things that are taught to you, but you are not able to apply it to the current/different situation.

I remember reading about Hitler and his beliefs of a superior race. Of course, it was wrong, is how my brain had instinctively processed it - something I consciously realised much later - and everyone knows it now, so that problem is now behind us.

No, the problem remains the same. I have realised that it is difficult, if not impossible, to convince people of the 'wrong' in something without the basic accepted premise being that 'all are equal'.
'All', with no qualification of caste, race, religion, financial status, the success they have achieved, family, IQ, etc.

People don't accept this, even when they say they do. As you talk to them more, you realise that without realising it, they believe in some God-blessed superiority to some. Not in drastic the 'kill the rest' way, but in the milder 'you can't trust them' or 'of course, they are facing problems. That's expected' way.

It took me a while to understand this basic fact. I used to think that if I provide proof of a certain something I would be able to change the viewpoint of the person. I had not taken into consideration the subtle 'We are made unequally equal by God' argument. 


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