Love, Lies and Layoffs: Usha Narayanan (Tornado Giveaway)

Name of the book: Love, Lies and
Author: Usha Narayanan
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2. Arti Honrao 
3. Mala Ashok 

The Story:

With goofy colleagues, a busy career and juicy gossip to fill her days, feisty columnist Freida doesn't really crave romance. Men are such fools anyway, including 'good friend' Geek, who appears to have fallen for a sneaky co-worker. But soon, even her friendship is under threat, as steamy kisses and a romp in bed turn their equation upside down. To complicate matters, Freida's treacherous ex and their psycho boss mount a vicious attack on them. Tension build as Freida and Geek gird up for the final showdown. Can nice guys ever win? Will love carry the day?

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About The Author 

Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising, media and corporate communications before becoming a full-time author. She has written several books, including 'The Madras Mangler', a suspense thriller, and 'Love,Lies and Layoffs', a Harlequin romcom. Her latest is 'The Secret of God’s Son', the sequel to her bestselling book,'Pradyumna: Son of Krishna', both published by Penguin.

When she’s not juggling travelling, writing and interviews, Usha reads everything from thrillers to romances, provided her cat isn’t fast asleep on
her Kindle. 

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Tornado Giveway: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully RightVarsha Dixit


Name of the Book: Rightfully Wrong,
Wrongfully Right
Author: Varsha Dixit
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  1. Sanchita Sen
  2. Shalini
  3. Nikita Jhanglani

The Story:

Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!

Gayatri and Viraj both are products of childhood trauma. Yet they were able to survive, one because of her shrewdness and the other because of his genius. Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right, the final part in the best selling ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy is the story of these two damaged souls.

Gayatri Dutta, the poster child for rich spoiled diva is fighting to escape a life of servitude her tyrant father is hell bent on pushing her into. Her past string of failures have her backed against a wall. Lonely and desperate!

Viraj is a con who uses his genius to perpetuate his isolation. His life once of violence and abuse has left him cynical and cold. He shuns the society and its hypocrisies. 

And then Gayatri and Viraj cross paths. She needs him and he despises her.

To Viraj, Gayatri, is the epitome of all that he despises, shallow, manipulative and the kind who uses her beauty as a weapon. Or is she?

Gayatri sees Viraj only as a means to an end. She is sure that Viraj with his nerdy demeanor, owlish glasses and crude behavior will be easy to manipulate and walk over. Only he isn’t!

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About The Author

Varsha Dixit, the bestselling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

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Tornado Giveaway: The Mahabharata Code by Karthik K.B. Rao

Name of the Book: The Mahabharata Code 
Author: Karthik K.B. Rao
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  1. Rubina Ramesh
  2. Abhishek Singh
  3. Daughter of Hades

The Story:

"The Mahabharata Code is a personal account of the main protagonist Narayan Rao (NR), who claims to be an astronomer with NASA. NR and a few other crew members agree to take part in the NASA mission to visit this mystery planet from which they had received mysterious signals. Here, they meet a man with a long flowing white beard, and he introduces himself as Vyasa. He reveals that he has a crazy plan in mind and seeks NR and his members’ help in implementing this plan. He intends to recreate the entire Mahabharata on this planet to restore the faith of the primitive simpletons here. 

As the Mahabharata incidents start unfolding, NR realizes that Vyasa intends to recreate them page by page here, if not paragraph by paragraph. Also NR begins to realize that his son, Krishna, who is being groomed by Vyasa as Vishnu’s avatar, is nothing more than a pawn in Vyasa's scheme of things. Other incidents of Mahabharata also unfold according to the original epic. Pandavas and Kauravas grow up hating each other and finally the restaging plan culminates with both the warring sets of cousins facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 

Inexplicably, like the original epic, Arjuna develops cold feet seeing his own cousins, teachers and relatives on the opposite side. He seeks Krishna’s divine intervention. Is the brainwashed “alien” Krishna prepared for this intervention?"

About The Author

Karthik Rao is a 32-year-old software professional based in Bangalore. He lives with his wife Sushma, parents and two little sons Kaustubh Krishna and Raghav Krishna aged 4 and 1, respectively. He says, he gets to meditate close to 3 hours every day on his bike thanks to the notorious Bangalore traffic. His hobbies include following cricket, Indian politics on the social media and Indian mythology. He also plays plastic ball cricket with his sons.

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Tornado Giveaway 3: Feral (Many Lives Spinoff #1) by Laxmi Hariharan

Name of the Book: Feral
Author: Laxmi Hariharan
Read a review:
  1. Inderpreet Kaur Uppal 
  2. Ruchi Singh
  3. Floryie
The Story:

He was her destination. She just didn't know it. 

When Maya leaves Luke to go in search of her blood family, nothing prepares her for the secrets she uncovers about herself. 

An intense, shifter romance, set in Bombay. A standalone novella in the Many Lives universe.

About The Author

I am fascinated by the unseen in the real world and in relationships. I write fast-paced urban fantasy with a paranormal, often psychic twist. My stories feature intense love-interests, kickass heroines, moody heroes and plot lines that shock & surprise. I pull no punches and always look for what's below the surface of my characters. :) so be warned. Married to a filmmaker and fellow author, I live in London and am the proud owner of a mononym twitter handle @laxmi 

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Cover Reveal - Aniesha Brahma's All Signs Lead Back to You

~~~ Cover Reveal ~~~

All Signs Lead Back to You by Aniesha Brahma


As the final bell for the day rang on their last day in school, Diya Rai, had a chill run down her spine. The chill of not knowing what the future holds for her and her high school sweetheart, Ashwin Chowdhury.
So she does a preemptive strike.
She dumps him before he can hurt her.


Two years later, Ashwin and Diya, cross paths. Each holds grudges, feelings and only one half of the story that completes them.
Told from alternating points of view, through a non-linear timeline, this is the story about 
first love, second chances and ALL the SIGNS THAT LEAD BACK TO YOU.

About the Author
Aniesha Brahma is an author who realized her passion for writing at the tender age of six. She also happens to be the social media manager for BEE Books. Her debut novel, The Secret Proposal (2012) was published by General Press and was followed by When Our Worlds Collide (2015) by the same. She blogs at: and runs an online magazine, BUZZ Magazine ( She can be contacted at: She lives in Kolkata with her family and her five super adorable cats! 

Superhero on home screens - A Flying Jatt

What is it about Superheroes that has captured our imagination of generations?
The possibility of superpowers, the thrill of adventure, the fun of coping with being different, and the struggle with very human emotions.

We, now, have a superhero who is all this and more -
Our Desi Superhero... Flying Jatt!

A Flying Jatt is coming to our homes on 22 Oct@8PM on Zee Cinema.

There are so many reasons to be in front of our TV screens to meet and enjoy watching India's first flying Superhero.

Yes, that is a good first reason... that Flying Jatt is India's first flying superhero. He saves the day in the coolest way possible.
Adding to the incredible superpower are the jaw-dropping martial art moves. The fact the Tiger Shroff is the ones doing these moves make them so much better.

Gerard Way said 'Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary'... 
But then there is our very own 'Flying Jatt', whose mother inspired him to be extraordinary.
Yes, this Superhero has a Supermom.
Most of the superheroes that we look up to have lost their parents. Flying Jatt has a different story though.
He has a supermom who constantly reminds him of his duties. Seeing him being scolded by his mom is inspiring. And hilarious too.


Flying Jatt dances like a hero too.
Powers+Killer dance moves = Legendary Superhero.
You might be Superman or Batman but one thing our flying Jatt wins at is killer dance moves.
Let's shake our booty on the beat with this superhero.


Krrish and Ra.One have been the desi superheroes that we have loved. 
Flying Jatt is Tiger Shroff's third film. Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan played superheroes after a long career. Tiger Shroff is doing it at the age of 26. 
Flying Jatt is a our youngest Superhero.

Jatt Fly Karda... The 'Jatt' part of the title is very important. This is a superhero who believes in his prime religious duty of helping mankind. The first superhero saves the city by incorporating his human and religious sensibilities.

Flying Jatt is one of those superheroes who is not born with his powers but became a superhero by accident.
He has known the life of an ordinary man. And that can make us, ordinary being relate to him better.

As I said before it is hilarious to watch a superhero being scolded by him mother. The punjabi supermom, played by Amrita Singh, has got her priorities clear.
Do your chores before you catch the 'chors'.
Flying Jatt lends a hand in cleaning the house, buying vegetables, and more. He has his beliefs clear - Mother knows best.

Superhero is defined as 'a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers'.
Superhuman powers do dazzle us, but without consciousness, the powers would make him/her a villain.
Understanding the need of the hour, Flying Jatt is a protector of mother nature and a condemner of pollution. He is a hero with consciousness and believes in protecting the environment.

A superhero who is a child at heart is a rare combination. But that is exactly what our latest desi superhero is. 
He has the superpowers but he also has a  child in him who will touch your hearts.
Flying Jatt's smile has an innocence and friendly charm to it.

A superhero with a difference has no airs about having special powers and is very down to earth and humble. 
He is saving our beloved holy city of Amritsar.

Make time to sit back and relax and get to know this superhero.
He is coming to meet you soon.
World Television Premiere of A Flying Jatt on 22nd October, 2016 at 8PM.

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