Thursday, 12 February 2015

Orange Glow...

Sunset over the Harbor

sun masks pain
weariness forgotten
-fisherman hums

orange glow
masks the blemishes
-stray limps away

glimpses of life
standing tall and proud
-closed car window

memoirs in stone
quite and arrogant
-the sage listens

Prompt by and Shared with-
Carpe Diem #665, Sunset (over the Harbor)


  1. I really like the second haiku, even though it seems so sad - or perhaps because it's sad. Not that I like poems to be sad just for the sake of it, but the image of the sunset is clearly "beautiful" whereas your poem takes a different, unexpected approach entirely. So, that the last line arrives with a jolt.

    1. Thanks a lot, Sue...
      I agree with you. Ideally, I want the thoughts of Sunset to be happy. But when I looked at the painting, I felt a certain wistfulness... and thus the Haiku. Though there is a certain contentment in them too :)


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