Saturday, 31 December 2016

the ultimate promise - haiku

to go on
the ultimate promise
plant to fallen flower

©Nimi Arora

Prompt by and Shared with-
Carpe Diem #1108 Promise

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Kahani - make the brands work...

At BNLF Mumbai (Indiblogger's 'Blog Now Live Forever' event), Christoph Trappe talked about 'authentic storytelling'. It is the story that grabs the attention of the readers and the audience, the story that makes content memorable.

"I work hard, want quick results and deserve success" says 35 year old entrepreneur Alicia.... But her customers don't bother to see her brand the way she sees it. They don't seem to agree that her brand message is worth their time. The result is an obvious downward spiral for Alicia and many like her in varied professions.

Ever wondered why some brands make it big and some fail miserably?
Is it always about the product/ service or is there something more to it ?
Are marketing techniques of the yesterday any bit relevant today ?

Glaring, in-your-face messages are passé .... even offensive to your clients/customers. 
'Conventional ways are dead'. An innovative way out is using 'stories' to inflate your brand.  Stories are the power that have changed fortunes of many a politician and country. Stories are the magic that have helped small brands take over giants. Stories are the phenomena that work for ailing, moderate and soaring businesses.

Kahani (story) is a subtle yet aggressively impactful marketing tool that has game changing potential for your brand. It focuses on creating authentic stories (brand or personal); stories that can be embedded in business presentations, marketing collateral, client meetings, VC pitches 
You do know that the ability to create demand for your product/service is a as important as having a product/service. If you want quick results and are ambitious about your goals, Kahani is for you,
It is an interactive talk in workshop format. When you walk out of the session, you will have an incredibly effective tool for direct application to your business/profession. You will know how to stand out of the clutter and influence your consumer through the world of stories. Are you game ?

PS: Kahani is not a session on 'storytelling'. 

Event Registration Link

Official Event Website

Key Inclusions
The Art and Science of Stories
Contrasting Impact 
The DIY process
Pitfalls and Errors
Near Story

Kahani has been a raging hit in MNCs in pan india locations.

About the Speaker: Reety Wadhwa

Speaker by Profession.
Marketeer  by Passion.
Wanderer by Personality.

Reety Wadhwa on NDTV Profit:

 Reety's professional journey commenced in 2007 as a Marketeer with a Times of India group company (Entertainment Network India Limited). Thereafter she spearheaded "brand establishment" for a Corporate Social Responsibility project.
 In 2012, she banished her corporate life in favour of the profession of Speaking and the passion reflects in her highly energized sessions. Today, she is a Professional Speaker par International excellence and has a rich experience of more than 200 talks.
She has been a part of a TV Show "Shameless is Good - India Tour" with NDTV Profit-Prime ( An English Business Channel in India) as the Lead Speaker. Reety is also a Speaker Coach with TedX - Delhi.
 As a professional speaker, she has traveled the length and breadth of India, addressing 1000's of people under her signature programs: "Think Better, Get Smarter" ,"Rock your Stage" and "Shameless is Good". These programs were aimed at helping participants understand the need for brand building and marketeer-ing in today's dynamic world. The purpose was also to motivate them to apply these concepts to their lives to achieve higher and faster success.
 She encourages participants to challenge before accepting, ruffle status quo and revisit the drawing board for professional and personal successes. Many people stuck in professional rut have been able to look beyond obvious and find their individual creative expressions. Some have introduced newer and innovative marketing and brand building ideas in their ventures. Fence sitters, (unable to make decisions) but otherwise ambitions and aspirational people have been able to open the expanse of their minds.  Her sessions have helped many move ahead in their careers and have instilled passion and inspiration in many.
She has a keen interest in the subject of Psychology and in the Evolution of the human species.
She has dabbled with Theater, Fine Arts and Debating as a student while studying Economics. 

She is Cycling enthusiast cum promoter.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

The need for a online shopping options for the groom...

Strolling through Karol Bagh Market with an American friend of mine (who was visiting India for the first time), I was distracted from trying to walk through the crowded street.

"Groom for sale" written boldly in front of a shop was the reason that she had stopped and was now giggling like a school gir
Obviously what was for sale was not a groom but rather clothes and other accessories for one.

Clicking pictures of the sign that promised her a groom, she sighed as if dreaming of finding the man of her dreams while placing.

Once back home, the topic of the 'grooms' took a new turn.
As I drove back home with her, she started talking about the hope that she could find 'grooms' online.

Sitting cozily we explored the site (Manyavar) that would have the trendy wedding wear for men.

The royal Sherwani,

The sophisticated Kurta,

The rich Brooch,

A brooch that looks rich and beautifully so...

The rare safa,
And Pagris that add elan to any clothes that one may be wearing...

Shop online for trendy mens' wedding wear and accessories from Manyavar including sherwani, kurtas, brooch, safa, juti, kilangi, mala, scarf etc.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Lingering Melancholy - Tanka

runs its' course

a balance discovered
lingering melancholy

©Nimi Arora

Inspired by:

Prompt by and Shared with-
Carpe Diem #1093 Concertino pour harpe et piano by Germaine Tailleferre

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